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October 16, 2017
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Pssst! Have you heard…. there’s a revolutionary line of hair products that has a secret ingredient which holds the key to beautiful, shiny, healthy looking hair. It’s called Moroccanoil! Read on for all the reasons why you should try this revolutionary beauty line.

Moroccanoil products have an intoxicating aroma. Anyone who has tried this product can recognize it’s provocative smell just by standing beside me when I have used the products in my hair. This signature scent is exotic and luxurious. Imagine a mixture of citrus, vanilla and amber. The scent is proprietary information and only 3 people in the world know the formula. The line’s flagship product, the Moroccanoil treatment, hairspray, and shampoos all carry this signature scent. Want to smell like a goddess? Use these products in your hair!

 It all started with this product the Moroccanoil Treatment

Another reason to try these products is that there is a wide selection to choose from which means there is a product for anyone and everyone.  It all began with one product, The Moroccanoil treatment, and has now expanded to 67 products and growing. They carry shampoo, conditioners, treatments and styling products to suit every hair type. So, it doesn’t matter if your hair is normal, dry, damaged, curly or textured there is a big selection of products that are specifically designed to tackle any hair issues.

Moroccanoil sources their argan oil from the south western desert of Morocco

Moroccanoil products are all argan oil based, which means they provide amazing health benefits. Argan nut trees are grown in only 3 countries. The Moroccanoil brand sources their argan oil from the south western desert of Morocco. Argan oil contains vitamin a, c and e, antioxidants and omega-6 fatty acids. This means they fight aging by removing reactive molecules that are formed in your hair and skin as a result of UV exposure, stress, pollution, poor diets or just the aging process. 

Moroccanoil Co-Founder Carmen Tal

You can also use pure argan oil as a skin moisturizer, toner, great for acne, razor bumps, stretch marks, leave-in conditioner, lip conditioner, and deep conditioner. With all these benefits it is no surprise that co-founder Carmen Tal decided to infuse all products with argan oil. The translation is that this secret ingredient is a miracle product giving your hair miraculous health and brilliant shine.

Most importantly, these products have consistent results. The best reason to try this product line is that it delivers. Every product that I have tried from Moroccanoil has given me the results I desire and this self professed beauty junkie has tried at least half the hair care line. As long as you are trying the product designed to combat your hair issue, use the recommended amount and follow the directions I guarantee  you will not be disappointed with the results.

Often imitated but never duplicated the Moroccanoil brand of hair products are a staple in my beauty collection.


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Have you ever tried any Moroccanoil products? If so which have you tried and how did you like it? If not what are you waiting for?



  1. elise says:

    love me some moroccan oil products!!! they’re the best!

  2. Argan oil is really good for hair. I haven’t tried Moroccanoil products before but I am sure their product is great. Should try it next time.

    • Luisa Macchia says:

      Hi Alice! You should definitely give it a try. All Moroccanoil products are Argan oil based giving you moisture and shine.