6 Easy Steps to the Perfect Geek Chic Makeup Look

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6 Easy Steps to the Perfect Geek Chic Makeup Look

They say men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses but times are changing. Follow these steps for a makeup look that suits your eyeglass choice because smart is the new sexy!


1) Conceal

Always begin your makeup regimen with moisturizer, primer and the foundation of your choice. Frames can make shadows on the face so follow up by using concealer to brighten your under eye area.

2)   Eyeshadow

Your eyeshadow should compliment and not compete with your frame colour. If you have a big frame your eyes will appear large so a darker shadow is ok. For smaller frames use a light and bright shadow to make a eyes look bigger. For Alexis we kept it light on the lid but played up the colours in her jacket with the eyeshadows in the crease and outer lid.

If you are looking for some guidance as to what shades best suit your eye colour follow this guide. Brown eyed girls look best with brown, green, purple, silver and gold. Blue eyed beauties should wear grey, purple, green, orange or mauve. If you have green eyes reach for taupe, bronze, grey, pink and purple. Lastly, grey eyes are complimented by teal, peach, grey and charcoal.

3)  Eyeliner

As a general rule thin liner is best. If your liner is too thick it can close in your eyes making them appear smaller than they actually are. Another great tip is if you tight line your lid and use white or nude liner in your waterline it will really open your eyes. If you have thick frames you can go a bit thicker with your liner.




Pro Tip: Bold liner will compliment bold frames!





4)  Mascara

Curl your lashes and choose a volumizing or thickening mascara to make your eyes pop. Make sure to not use anything lengthening because you don’t want your lashes to hit your glasses. I also don’t recommend false eyelashes if you are wearing frames for the same reason. I really like the Lancome Definicils Mascara. The skinny brush volumizes your lashes without clumping. If you do see any clumps brush them out with a spoolie as the clumps will appear magnified by your frames. Do not use mascara on your lower lashes as it can cast a shadow on your under eye area making it look like you have bags under your eyes. 

5)  Eyebrows

Simply use featherlight brush strokes with gel or pencil to fill in the gaps and brush out with a spoolie to give your brows a natural look. My favourite brow pencils come with a skinny twist up pencil on one side and spoolie on the other. In salon we carry a pencil by Modern Basic which is similar to Anastasia Beverly Hills but more reasonably priced.

6)  Lips

If you are going for a natural look try the Rikugien Nars satin lip pencil. This light rose colour works on almost every skin tone and leaves your lips moisturized with a satin finish. If you have a bold black frame take a walk on the wild side with an adventurous lip colour like Yu Nars satin lip pencil. This hot pink looks great with bold black frames and a simple wing liner. For my model Alexis I chose to fill in her lips with the Kylie Cosmetics lip liner in Ginger. The warmth in this lip colour compliments her skin tone and was right in her comfort zone. For the final step, set your makeup using a translucent loose powder like my favourite by Laura Mercier.


Just like your frames, your makeup should compliment your style and personality. Go light and bright or step out of your comfort zone with a bold wing or bright lip. It doesn’t matter if your frames are prescription or only fashion don’t be afraid to showcase your individuality. The best rule of makeup is there is no rules!


Swank Style

What’s your best makeup for eyeglasses tip? I invite you to leave a comment below.


Model: @lexi3315

Photographer: @marissanaylorphotography

Glasses: Burberry


  1. Macy says:

    I usually wear classes as well and I always feel like I am hiding behind my glasses, but you’re right- glasses can be super sexy 🙂

    • Luisa Macchia says:

      Hi Macy! I absolutely think you can feel sexy in glasses. It’s all about showcasing your personality!

  2. Ola says:

    This was a very cute post. I personally love the geek chic look. It’s become very popular lately too.

    • Luisa Macchia says:

      Hi Ola! I agree lots of people are wearing non prescription glasses. It’s very fashion forward!